Students bedroom: patterned bed cover, copper lamp, iPad and neon light
Lifestyle | Thursday 10 August 2017

Flying the nest

Are your kids off to university this month? Whether they’re heading to halls or a rented pad, help them create a gorgeous, welcoming space on a budget


The study


Though studying may not be top of their to-do list, give your kids every incentive by making their work area comfortable and stylish. Great stationery and storage is a good place to start, but you can also swap dreary regulation spotlights for fun decorative lighting and add a personal touch with a few framed pictures.

The kitchen


This is not the time to hand over the family Wedgwood. Instead, snap up a set of stackable, easy-to-wash crockery in a lively colour that won’t cost the earth to replace when pieces go missing. And don’t forget the mugs – tea drinking is a core subject at uni. A matching set of utensils and food-storage canisters will encourage home-made meals and tidy habits… maybe.

Students bedroom: patterned bed cover, copper lamp, iPad and neon light

The bedroom


The place where cosy is king. Soften up the floor underfoot with a colourful rug, and add a mirror or two for getting dressed (bonus: they’ll bounce light around a small space). Turn the bed into a sumptuous retreat with neutral bedding as a base, topped by fun cushions and throws. Finally, add a bit of mood lighting. The downside? They might be so comfortable that they’ll sleep through their morning classes.

The tech edit

From reliable laptops to portable printers, here’s our round-up of uni must-haves


Laptop, portable charger, cables and hard drive


A reliable laptop is an essential investment for research, note-taking and essay-writing – along with a power cable and hard drive for peace of mind.


PS4, VR headset stand, Camera and photo printer


Work hard, play hard. From a fun photo printer to next-level gaming consoles and accessories, this is the tech that will make their year.

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