Home & tech | Thursday 27 July 2017

The future is now

From connected coffee machines to intelligent thermostats, a new wave of tech is changing our daily routine


Thought geeky gadgetry only existed to bring unnecessary complication into our lives? Think again. Today’s tech puts the ‘friend’ in user-friendly, with little life hacks that slot seamlessly into your day, saving time and money, and giving your environment a little TLC.

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Wake-up call



This alarm clock provides a gentle start to your morning, mimicking the sunrise by slowly changing your room’s light from soft red to bright yellow. Soothing sounds of nature then take over as you are lifted up onto a fluffy white cloud. Okay, so the fluffy cloud bit isn’t true. But everything else is.

Morning musts...


The talking

These plaque-busting devices are the Terminators of the toothcare world, with a ‘whitening mode’ to help you remove stains, as well as alerts to let you know what kind of pressure to use.


The hair

The super-speedy dryer with ionic conditioning system dries your tresses quickly – meaning less time subject to heat – more time to have FUN.
Amazing stuff - and that’s not just hot air.


The connected
coffee machine

Anything’s possible with this machine that you can program with your phone’s Bluetooth connection. The app sends alerts when you’re running low on coffee or when it needs cleaning.


Welcome home

You’re one step closer to domestic bliss (and hassle-free housework) with these genius bits of kit


Appliances with smarts

Forget the power-hungry robots in sci-fi films – we’re totally behind these A.I. lawnmowers, note takers and grocery-list makers.

smarts1 .jpg

The voice assistant

Alexa, the speech-recognition technology built into Amazon's Dot and Echo smart speakers, is programmed to respond to various voice commands, whether you want to make a shopping list, play music or add to your diary. Handy.


The clever fridge

As well as a Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreen, this fridge features interior cameras that show you what to use up and what to restock, preventing waste and revolutionising how you shop. Basically, it’s an ‘intelligent’ fridge that won’t judge you when you come back for seconds.


The robot lawnmower

Imagine weekend mornings with one less household chore to do. Nope, we’re not leading you down the proverbial garden path – just program this robot mower’s timer according to your preferences and let it do its thing.

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