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Home & tech | Friday 8 December 2017

Go-go gadget

Julia Hardy gives us the lowdown on the hottest new gadgets (psssst – they make great gift ideas)

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GoPro HERO6 Black

The daddy of the action-camera world, with one-touch recording and a two-inch touchscreen. The companion app means you can link the camera to your phone then attach it to a drone, a horse – anything – and view/transform your adventures into incredible QuikStories. It has an inexhaustible number of accessories and it's super durable.

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HP Sprocket mini printer

Tiny and cute, this instant mini printer can fit in your purse with your lippie. Link it to the companion app and print your favourite pics from your phone or tablet easily. All the pictures are stickable and shareable, and the printer comes in a host of different colours, so you can match it to your outfit. A perfect gift for Instagram fanatics.

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Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

This pro fitness tracker will keep note of your stats – heart rate, calories, how many cups of caffeine or water you’ve had – plus it has built-in GPS. Like all good smartwatches, it can be linked to your phone notifications, and it will also give you polite, gentle reminders on the daily to help you in your quest to stay fit and healthy.

Dell Inspiron 13-5000 Series

It can be tough choosing between a laptop and a tablet. So why not get a gadget that’s both? This is the computing equivalent of the Kardashians – it looks good and it seems like it’s gonna be fun, but underneath there’s more processing power than meets the eye!

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Krups coffee machine

Krups Espressia coffee machine [LU6UQ] Want great coffee but don’t have space for a sexy, barista-style machine in your kitchen? This little Krups device offers the infinite flavour range of Nespresso and has a little Aeroccino, which means you’ll have some super-profesh frothy milk to make it feel like a proper coffee, with none of the hassle.

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Now TV

Basic Freeview is just so… well… basic. All the top TV shows are on the Sky channels, and with this box, you’ll get the pick of the best of them, plus access to loads of catch-up boxsets to binge on. It’s perfect for whiling away the festive period with the family. You literally won’t have to get up off the couch – which is great, as you probably won’t be able to after all that Quality Street.

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STK Hero X phone

This great-value British-made mobile phone has a bunch of fab features and the ability to use dual sim cards. That means no more lugging around both work and personal phones, and if you travel a lot, you can use a local sim alongside your home one. Never miss a call again and get the best-value coverage deals out there.

HTC Vive VR headset



Let’s be honest: if you’re keen on getting into VR, you may as well go with the best out there. The HTC Vive turns your lounge into a kind of Star Trek-style holodeck. You get VR, plus the ability to move around freely to make it even more immersive. You’ll need a good-spec PC to get the most out of it, but who can put a price on the ultimate gaming experience?



There really is only one choice for the book lover in your family, and that’s a Kindle. Store hundreds of titles on one small device, and change the fonts and text size if it’s for an older family member. The interface is so intuitive, even your gran will be able to get it working!

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One of the best home speakers on the market, the Sonos is now Alexa enabled, so there’s no need to buy extra Alexa devices – this one will do it all! The other great thing about the Sonos range is that you can grow your collection as you need to, until you have one in every room. You’ll be surprised at just how good these compact speakers sound.

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Bose headphones

These Bose headphones are my most-used and loved of all time. With some of the best noise-cancelling technology out there, combined with super-comfy over-ear cups, you can wear these for days and need never take them off. Perfect for commuting, travelling or just blocking out the noise at home when you need to concentrate.

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Amazon Echo Show

Finally getting to grips with voice controls in your home or looking to get started? The Echo Show has all the abilities of the other devices, but this time it has a screen attached. This means Alexa can show you the information you need, not just say it out loud, which is super useful. Plus, if your friends and family also have an Echo Show, you can video call each other.

Xbox One X



Christmas isn’t Christmas without getting a brand-new video-game console, in my opinion. So why not treat yourself to the most powerful games console in the world – the Xbox One X. Not only can you play games in 4K (using the fancy new TV you got this Xmas as well), but some of your fave Xbox titles have been enhanced so they look even better!

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