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Beauty | Tuesday 8 August 2017

Summer beauty SOS



When Insta-worthy ‘beach’ hair, lithe legs and bronzed #nofilter skin don’t come naturally, you need advice from an expert. We pumped our favourite beauty editor for her secrets on pre-holiday prepping, in-flight tricks and post-sunshine rituals so you can create – and hold on to – your own summer glow


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Perfect packing: troubleshooting products


The culprit:
chipped nail polish

‘If you chip your mani on the first day (sooo annoying), disguise the nick with a colourful French tip or turn it into a glam accent nail with glitter polish.’


The culprit:
tan lines

‘For telltale tan lines, pack a long-wear foundation in a shade darker than your natural skintone and use a sponge to dab it over any lighter strap marks.’


The culprit:

‘To avoid any green tinges, wet hair with tap water before swimming so it won’t absorb as much chlorine, and neutralise brassiness afterwards with a toning shampoo.’


The fake tan commandments

‘When it comes to flawless fake tan, preparation is key. Using a scrub to buff off dry, flaky skin will prevent a patchy tan. Focus on drier areas such as knees, elbows, hands, ankles and soles of your feet, which tend to soak up more product.

Apply a small amount of moisturiser to only the dry areas (as mentioned above), but leave off deodorant or perfume before tanning. Avoid waxing at least 24 hours beforehand as well, to help prevent those annoying dark spots, or else rub an ice cube over your legs to close the pores before you apply any self-tanner.

Make friends with the tanning mitt – it will buff in the product seamlessly and gives that professional I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-real finish. And I like the coverage you get from a mousse, rather than a cream.’

In-flight essentials

‘The long-haul flight to your destination can leave you looking more ‘creature from the black lagoon’ than girl from Ipanema, but a bit of clever prep goes a long way. Before you fly, exfoliate to prevent your skin from appearing grey and sallow (bonus: it will allow whatever you put on top to penetrate properly), and beat in-flight dehydration by layering on a nourishing moisturiser. Just before you land, smooth on a skin-loving BB cream and hide the dreaded red-eye with a swipe of NYX Professional Makeup’s flesh-toned Wonder Pencil in the waterline.’


We can’t help you with post-holiday blues, but we can help you look beach-ready for a while longer. Holidays may be great for our wellbeing, but they’re not so kind to our skin and hair, warns Cassie. Her advice: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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Soothe parched locks with a moisture-rich shampoo and follow up with a hit of leave-in conditioner. Using scalp sun cream whilst you’re away will prevent a burned parting and help nourish dry roots, too.

Keeping your skin moisturised as well is the best way to prolong a tan. Try a light tinted body lotion to add extra luminosity from head to toe.

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